Women's Ski Pants

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Women's Ski Pants

Whether you’re a recreational skier, a backcountry skier, or you prefer skiing on well-groomed slopes, it’s essential to find the ski pants that suit your skiing style. Made with high-quality fabrics, Orage women’s ski pants have been designed to offer you optimal comfort. Both beginners and seasoned pros will find the women's ski clothing suitable for the cold and all their needs at the Orage online store.

Ski pants designed for Canadian winters

Choosing ski pants can be a difficult task. While the aesthetic dimension is important to you, you have to think about the technical aspect first to avoid regretting your choice once your skis are on your feet. Indeed, good ski pants are essential to stay dry and comfortable on the slopes

That’s why we’ve developed high-end ski clothing suitable for the most extreme temperatures. Designed and tested by ski enthusiasts since 1989, our women’s ski pants are also suitable for all winter sports, because Orage ski pants are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure water resistance, breathability, and thermal protection.

Orage ski pants: innovative and elegant

When choosing your pants, keep your skiing style in mind. Indeed, if you only practice downhill skiing, you will need durable pants that offer excellent resistance to wind and snow. You should also consider buying a well-insulated or slightly loose-fitting ski jacket to wear over your thermal clothing.

On the other hand, if you primarily do backcountry skiing, you will need a more versatile model that will allow you to move freely. In addition, since you exert yourself more on the climbs, the pants must allow for good sweat evaporation. These models usually have good ventilation to keep you cool during periods of intense activity.

The different models of pants:

Ski pants can be made from a variety of fabrics, which can affect the look, the feel, and—in some cases—the water resistance of the product. The model that suits you the best will be determined by the type of skiing that you will be practicing.

Ski pants are divided into several types:

  • The insulated model: This is the most common and widely used type. It offers both heat and protection from the elements. The model is made up of two layers: a water-resistant “shell” outer layer and an insulating inner layer.
  • The shell model: These are the most lightweight pants on the market, allowing for maximum mobility. These pants are a real windbreaker, water-resistant, and highly breathable, but don’t forget that they are not insulated.
  • The softshell model: These pants offer more movement and breathability. For these reasons, they are ideal if you are a particularly energetic skier. As opposed to hardshell pants, softshell pants are made from a more flexible fabric.

The 3-in-1 model: These pants have a water-resistant airtight shell outside and an absorbent or insulating layer inside.