Pro Program Information

Our pro-deal request period is now over for the 2023-2024 season as our end-of-season sales have already started.

Registrations for next year will resume in August 2024.

See you next year!

Who is eligible for the Orage Pro Program?

Our pro program is designed for outdoor industry professionals including guides and instructors, employees of outdoor gear companies, Orage retailer employees, athletes, first responders, and active military personnel. The program is always under review, and qualification is dependent on full-time employment within the listed industries and professions.

Membership in our pro program is not guaranteed, regardless of past affiliations with Orage or other connections. We require that you send us  proof of your qualifications, including valid guide licenses, membership cards, proof of employment, or similar. Pro program status is valid for one year, and requires annual recertification through a new application.

How to Apply

  2. Submit your pro request via email at support@orage.com

*Information we need to accept your request:

  1. The object  of your email must be: Orage pro Application / First name, Last name
  2. *Company/team/organization you are part of
  3. Pro-category from the list below
    • Athlete/Influencer
    • Firefighters & First Responders
    • Healthcare worker
    • Guides and Instructors : Ski or Snowboarding
    • Outdoor Industry Professional
    • Seasonal Mountain Resort Employees (Not of Ski Patrol or Ski School)
    • Ski Patrol
    • US Active Military
    • Ski School or University
    • Other (Specify)
  1. Attachments (proof of your qualifications)

Your application will be reviewed by our team and you will receive a response within 5 business day


Pro Program Rules

  1. Pro purchase is for personal use only. You may not purchase products for friends, family, or co-workers. Orage reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if it appears that a member is abusing pro program benefits
  2. Pro purchase is limited to a total value of $2000 MSRP per year. Violation of this limit will result in removal from the program.
  3. Be discreet about your pro discount. Do not share, discuss, or advertise your pro affiliation.
  4. Products purchased from Orage using your pro program benefits are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or credit at this time.
  5. Pro program discount, between 30% et 50% according to the pro category
  6. We Offer Free Shipping On All Orders Over $150.Order Under $150 Have A Flat $10 Shipping Rate.
  7. Pro account information is not shared. Pro orders must be for personal use only. Violation of this will result in removal from the program.
  8. Specific products may be excluded from discount, and the pro discount may vary based on product and category.
  • IMPORTANT: Membership in the Orage Pro Program is for personal use only, and Orage reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if it appears that a member is abusing their program benefits. (i.e. Purchasing products for others)