The Intern Chronicles

It's been three weeks I’m working as an intern at Orage in their new office on Rachel Street in Montreal. I will be with the team for the next three months, led by Jason Mousseau, content and marketing coordinator Mike Nick, Vice President Marketing. What is not so funny is that I tore my anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus and I'll have to get surgery on March 4th. At least it happened skiing so it does not look that bad... It was important for me to find an internship in the technical clothing industry because that is what primarily interests me in the world of fashion. I am also very happy to do so for a Montreal company that is proud to promote the regional talent.

I will work with Jason on the social media content and try to bring new ideas for future campaigns. I am responsible for the revival of our Instagram account (@ orage89) and will add exclusive content to subscribers daily. I will also be in constant contact with our team of athletes and will put forward what they do best, making sure they look good while doing it. Unfortunately, I soon realized that the work of an intern is not always the most exciting and quickly got used to fill endless Excel sheet of lists of buyers and press mentions. But I can console myself with free exclusive products and samples...

Another aspect of my job will be to test the products of the winter collection 2016 and to make a report every week. It will consist of a presentation of the product, a list of the items that I liked and I did not like and detailed photos. Unfortunately, I will not be able to test them on the slopes because of my injury, but rather will use to face the bitter cold of Quebec. Questions and suggestions are welcome and those who will send me will receive free Orage stickers!


François Xavier Tétreault

Marketing Intern - Orage