Colter Brehmer

Last winter, Colter got a taste of what is out there. Turns out it was a whole lot of backcountry booters and faceshots!

With Orage since: Winter 2014 Date of Birth: June 4th 1991

Winter Home: Salt Lake City, Utah Summer Home: Ketchum, Idaho.

Instagram: @coltbrehmer Facebook: colter.brehmer Twitter: @colterbrehmer

Sponsors: Volkl/Marker, Smith Optics, Coal Headwear Crew: Bridger Brigade

Jacket: Alaskan Jacket Pants: Leeds Pants Layering: Format Hoodie and Fusion Jacket

What is your favourite place to ski and why?

Bridger Bowl Montana because its like your own personal back country but with ski lifts.

What is your dream place to ski and why?

Chamonix France because I don't think it gets much more gnarly then that.

What kind of skier are you?

For me I like to show all sides of skiing between the street, park, freeride, and backcountry mountaineering.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a skier?

Buying a snowmobile and skiing with the boys...

Who has inspired you the most while growing up? The thing I look at the most is when a skier has a style or uniqueness that set him a part from the rest. People like Candide Thovex, JP Auclair, Parker White, Chris Logan, Hugo Harrison and Mike Hornbeck are all people I looked up to and still continue to look up to.

What does your typical day consist of?

On my ideal winter morning: I wake up. Coffee with milk. Eggs and toast. Check the avalanche report. Stretch. Make a lunch. Load the sleds. Get to the trailhead. Brrapp out to the zone. Get stuck a couple of times. Skin up the line. Get to top and assess the snow.

Then SENDER...

How do you stay busy during summer?

For me summers are jam packed with school and work so that I can continue to play in the winter time but in my spare time I like to Skateboard and Mtn Bike.

When are you most satisfied when skiing?

When I am able to explore new terrain with new and old friends as well getting shacked in chest deep pow!

Is there a rule that you live by?


What is the biggest obstacle you face in life?

Finding rules to live by.

What do you see in Orage that reflects who you are as a person?

I picture my self as a unique individual that prides himself on pushing the boundaries. I believe that Orage is a company that allows me to do just that. Orage lets me express my uniqueness through their unique designs.

What is your favourite piece of Orage gear?

The Retallack Jacket and the Gibson Pant because they are light weight and keep me dry and warm all day in the back country.

What are you up to this season?

This season has been super busy between Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, and Wyoming searching for new terrain. Filming with Bombsnow Tv and BridgerBrigade along with many other friends including Banks Gilberti for his project Adventures and Transitions. Along with shooting a lot of Photographs with one of my great friends Tal Roberts. Other than that just trying to stay hungry for the months to come.