Johnny Rossman

Johnny likes skeein, fitchin, bikin, surfin, and dogs.

With Orage since: Date of Birth:

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Instagram: @johnnyrossman Facebook: johnny.rossman

Sponsors: Line Skis, Full Tilt, Dragon Alliance

What is your favourite place to ski and why?

Breckenridge top to bottom laps. It's my home and I love it. Other than that, Whistler.

What is your dream place to ski and why?

Probably Alaska... or Chamonix.

What kind of skier are you?

All-mountain "freerider".

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a skier?

Impressing this super pretty chick with a wicked nice air.

Who has inspired you the most while growing up?

Pollard, Seth, & McConkey.

What does your typical day consist of?

Wake up early and munch a power breakfast then head to the mountain or trailhead.

How do you stay busy during summer?

I mountain bike pretty much everyday and try to fish at night.

When are you most satisfied when skiing?

Usually when I am looking back up at my track down a truly deep powdery pillow run.

Is there a rule that you live by?

Relish the day and have fun.

What is the biggest obstacle you face in life?

Lacing up my skates for a late night hockey game after a long day of shredding.

What do you see in Orage that reflects who you are as a person?

Orage is rooted in mountain culture and I connect with that ideology. I love the mountains and they are a big part of who I am. Orage gets that.

What is your favourite piece of Orage gear?

Sarg jacket. It's fit and function is perfect everyday.

What are you up to this season?

Searching out new terrain and skiing as much powder snow as possible.